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Why was Family Unification Support Services, Inc. formed?

During seventeen years of working with children and families, I noted the fact that children/teens often came back into the state system over and over. Often this was due to a lack of services before and after the transition back home.

Important members of the family unit were also not able to attend due to lack of finances for gas/phone expenses and childcare. In addition, many children reach the age of eighteen and have no home to return to or job skills to live independently. Family Unification Support Services, Inc. helps to fill in these gaps and better serve the ultimate goal of many families to be successfully reunited.  By involving business and community leaders, teens can receive mentoring and job skills for independent living.

What services are provided?

Individual, family and group therapy. Case management assistance when a family needs assistance to connect with area services, mentors, drug and alcohol education as well as parent support groups, parenting classes, anger management  education, self-esteem workshops and prevention groups.

Financial assistance is also available for transportation, overnight housing, communication assistance and pertinent diagnostic services.

Who will provide therapeutic services?

Individual, family and group therapy will be provided by licensed mental health therapists approved by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners and supervised by Board approved supervisors.

Therapists will be required to have the following qualifications: State approved licensing in Behavioral Health, a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy as well as extensive work experience.

All personnel will be required to pass an FBI background check, have a current finger print card and be drug/alcohol free. Substance abuse testing will be required for employment. Driving records will be required for transporting a minor.

Do you charge a fee for these services?

No fee is charged.

What can I expect after contacting Family Unification Support Services, Inc.?

Staff will return your phone call, answer questions and set up an appointment to assess need for services. A referral will be given for area services that may be of assistance to caller.

Where are you located?

 The Exodyne Business Park is located on the east side of I-17 (The Black Canyon Highway) on the northbound access road between Northern and Dunlap avenues. It is only three minutes from Phoenix Metro Center. Our address is 8433 North Black Canyon Highway (I-17 access road) Phoenix, AZ 85021  Suite 100

Where will services be provided?

Therapeutic and educational services will  be held at the Exodyne  Business Park location. Therapy and mentoring services will also be conducted at foster homes, group homes, place of incarceration or on home-based visits in preparation for transition back to caregivers, guardians or parents.

Who is eligible for services?

Recipients of aid are those preparing to leave a current placement center, whether it be a correctional facility, group home, or temporary foster care.